Our CSR: AQ Dulux Invitational 2017 -
Benefit Golf Tournament

It has been a privilege for AQ e-magazine to organize this annual golf event, the “AQ DULUX INVITATIONAL 2017 – Benefit Golf Tournament”.

This year with the support of more than 30 corporate sponsors and 130 players, it brings us great joy to be able pull together the generosity of so many, to assist the underprivileged, the needy and the victims of many situations that face our society today. 

This golf tournament is held at The Damai Indah Golf Course in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta on Wednesday, 20 September 2017. 

Chairman and founder of the event, Paul Tan, who is also Managing Editor of AQ, this golf tournament is deemed the best platform for players in order to conduct fun activities, doubled as a charity event.

“Through this annual golf tournament, many business people could gather and thus expand their networks while playing golf and carrying out their sense of social responsibility,” Paul said.

The benefactors of this year’s AQ Dulux Invitational tournament are organizations involved in disaster relief and education of the underprivileged such as Yayasan Kasih bagi Sahabat (Partners for Compassions) social foundation and Yayasan Seribuguru Pelita Bangsa, a rural education foundation.

These charitable deeds, Paul explained, initially started in 2011 when a group of business people gathered together to find a way to help the victims of the Mount Merapi eruption in Yogyakarta and the earthquake and tsunami on Mentawai Island, off the Sumatra west coast. 

“We have seen the benefit these events can bring to people in need during the Merapi and Mentawai natural disasters, by providing shelter, transportation, water, medical assistance, trauma center, child care and temporary education and other basic needs,” he said. The consistent support from corporations as well as individuals alike, are very encouraging for us to continue this tradition of having a day of sport and fun together whilst reaching out for a good cause from year to year. 

Of course AQ Dulux Invitational is also an excellent platform to interconnect between professionals and businesses especially for those in the design, engineering, property, infrastructure, finance and construction industries.

These are industries that employ the largest number of people per dollar investment and has a significant impact on the economy of any nation, by employing a multilevel workforce, creating an economic ripple effect that can sustain the welfare of masses of people. 

Those supporting this event are national as well as multinational corporations from electronics, information technology to hotels and resorts, entailing multitude of contractors and suppliers that make these developments possible. Construction involves numerous players and long periods of work, therefore this business, more so than other businesses, must be built upon trust, and what better way to foster that through a sport such as golf, where stamina, sportsmanship and fairness is key to winning this game.

Paul Tan, Architect and Environmentalist

Currently Principal of ARKdesign Architects and Managing Editor of ARKdesign Quarterly, AQ e-magazine