The New Look of AQ 2019
The trend towards wellness points to a future where the office as we now know it will be completely different to today. Key trends transforming our workplace include increasing choice over where and how we work, with technology being a key enabler of merging professional and personal lives thanks to technologies like telecommuting and cloud computing. Technology, CBRE’s Smart Workplace 2040 research predicts, will also allow us, and our workplaces, to become much more proactive in measuring and managing our health and wellbeing, thanks to inventions like wearable or even embedded sensors.


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The majority of the population of the world will live and work in megacities by 2020. Workspace will become more competitive and in demand at the same time as cities get more crowded. Creative, smart and efficient design will be needed.
The choice of interior design in the following offices fills up the gap between work and play. Surprisingly, design elements are taken from the features previously found in hotels and residential homes.
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Office architecture in the future is not limited to the development of increasingly diverse choice of materials, but also puts forward the elements of technology and digitalization that are incorporated into the building elements.
Being environmentally friendly is not just about caring for the environment itself, but also becoming a determining factor for increasing profit and productivity in the future.

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An interview with Henry Kartono, CEO of Investaland, a developer of first SOHO Project in Bandung.
Our Selected Office Space Projects


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